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achieving greatness, adventures, alternate universes, ambivalence, an ambiguous sense of morality, analogies, angst, animanga, antiheroes, apparently pain and mental anguish, aptly described derision, art, aus, badasses, being a prince, being a walking contradiction, being wildly self-indulgent, boats, cities, clichés, clocks, cold nights, coming to terms with the inevitable, constellations, contemplating the hereafter, crossovers, crying over dead characters, debating over hypotheticals, detectives, determination, dysfunctional intimacy, equanimity, facetious comebacks, fairytales, fall, family dynamics, fandoms, fanfiction, films, finding a sense of purpose, flawed characters, getting my shit together, ghosts, gross feelings, heroines, honesty, honor, humility, hyperboles, idiomatic expressions, idiosyncrasies, innuendos, internal conflict, intriguing phenomena, irony, irrationality, italicized serif fonts, jacked-up but poignant endings, keys, kindness, life, literature, long voyages of self-discovery, love-hate relationships, mafia showdowns, magical girls, making my own destiny, martyrs, melodrama, mermaids, meta, mist, monologues, monsters, music, mythology, noble sacrifices, nostalgic reminiscing, not procrastinating, ot3s, paradoxes, perpetual hollowness, philosophy, photos, platonic emotions, plot twists, poetry and its semantics, pop culture, pretty boys, pride, problematic faves, psychological horror, rain, reading, realized potential, reciprocated trust, relaxing weekends, religious allusions, remembering, rivals, royalty, sardonicism, satire, saviors, second chances, shipping, significantly productive days, skies, sleeping, souls, space, synonyms, talking about my favorites, the aesthetic behind dreams, the internet, the sea, the sun, the world, time, tragedy, traitors, trivia facts, tropes, troubled protagonists, understanding the world for what it is, uniforms, unwavering convictions, video games, weapons, weird shit, winning, wise mentors, witches, witty banter, writing, yanderes
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aeroport, aicons, ajna, aliahan, animeicons, antibiotical, artbombs, awkward, bangparty, bannertech, batonpass, berru, bihilism, birdhaus, bonusgauge, bootycall, boxoficons, broshuu, bubs, bungalows, buttholes, bystand, cakebatter, capitol, cawaii, cheer, chesswar, chillarmy, cinnamonrolls, cobble, colorbind, colore, coolkids, cozies, cumshaw, cupcake_graphics, cupcakes, curtainfire, dankness, deleted, doujinshi, dreamcodes, dreamwidthlayouts, dw_maintenance, dw_news, dw_nifty, dw_styles, dw_suggestions, dwrp_icons, easystreet, edo, emigrate, eyeteeth, facelickings, fairygrave, fandom_icons, fanmix, fares, ffxv, fit, footlights, forsquares, frappe, frfr, godair, goldenslaughterer, gorefiesta, gosh, gospelle, graphics, grecians, hardpromises, harlem, haystacked, healthdrink, heist, herbskillz, hitmanreborn, hunterxhunter, iconcat, iconic, iconography, icons, iconsprite, illumine, indoragamano, insomniatic, instances, interplanet, jerky, jizz, keloidi, kewpie, kinkmemes, kinksame, kislap, kusabi, kyurem, lastlinks, limejuice, livebites, livetune, lixaxil, lucent, malagraphic, mambo, megare, mewtube, monarchy, movebitch, narben, naturalperms, nukes, obscuraomen, opelucid, optimisty, pagans, palpo, palumpolum, parachutes, pastries, penguindrum, photosynthesis, plastic, poetry, ponponpon, rainbird, receptacle, sasscons, sburb, scrystorm, sfx, shadowline, shamecube, shithouse, shooped, shrine, signalize, situations, skit, skulked, snowglobe, stardustcrusade, starsoft, starswirl, stock_icons, stockholm, style_system, sunsetter, suspecting, swagever, sways, synchros, tanabata, tapestries, thingamajig, tigerparty, torifido, treatyoself, tweak, videnda, vigils, voltorb, vomits, vuvuzela, wagen, whaleparties, whambam, winnerstick, yevon
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