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good hustle out there

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hey there! this is pretty out of the blue, but I stumbled upon your journal via your Yamamoto reserve at CDC— long story short, I was checking out the taken/reserve list because a friend who plays there plurked about it and it reminded me that there was at least one KHR character, so I looked because there aren't that many people who play from KHR these days (I play Gokudera and Spanner primarily, among others). in any case, as it turns out, I think we'd get along pretty well in general! I'm not sure if you're interested in adding new DW friends right now, but I figured I may as well ask if you'd mind if I added you— though of course there's no pressure either way, haha! my name's Ante, by the way!

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hi! i hope this isn't weird. just wanted to say that i really love your writing! whenever i get writer's block, i'd read over some of your stuff and it never fails to inspire and motivate me. we were in the same game in the past and i've seen you on app-this-plz once before, but i've never gotten the opportunity to write with you, and i was on a rp break when i saw your ad at the time. but if i haven't creeped you out (lol, sweats........), maybe someday...?! i'm sorry for this random comment, omfg, but thank you for reading!