rind: (MOONLIGHT.)
rem ([personal profile] rind) wrote 2014-12-11 11:59 pm (UTC)

likewise. i don't use plurk as much as i just have it and let it collect dust (same deal applies to my steam & last.fm ever since i switched laptops), but i went ahead and followed your twitter and one of your tumblrs if that's alright with you!! you're more likely to find me on my skype or aim so i could add you on either of those platforms for easier chatting/plotting if that floats your boat. i don't mind pms or comments though! whatever works for you.

regrettably i've never tried out hh, but i had a brief stint at haven and it was pretty enjoyable. and i'm good with anything you wanted to roll with! as far as memes/psls go, i'd love to write something with your gokudera, considering i'm trying to voicetest half the main cast at once .....

YEAH, i'm kind of embarrassing?? i literally reread it all on a whim after recalling my undying adoration for yamamoto and finding it as intact as the day i hiatused the series. i'd write out entire caveats for why people should skip over khr as their main shonen staple and save time and possible distress but here i am, several years later and still wallowing in the lowest pit of fandom hell ......

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