rind: (Default)
rem ([personal profile] rind) wrote 2014-12-10 05:16 am (UTC)

oh wow, i wasn't expecting to see this while checking my alerts, but it's cool! and it's really nice to meet you, ante. funny thing, i was going to try joining cdc with yamamoto last round but overshot how much time i'd need to fully canon review and write an app from scratch, haha — but i do plan to app him there next round and (if time permits!) ryohei @ cerealia this december if you were looking for khr castmates at games! either way, i'd love to tag your gokudera or spanner or anyone else you've got in mind, i bet it'd be a blast.

and no big, i went ahead and added you. i'm on a massive khr kick after leaving it unfinished for ages so it's nice to see that people still rp from this old canon!!

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