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    3DS FC just ask.
    ANIME/MANGA anilist (wound).
    BOOKS goodreads (intense).
    FF: BE ID (EN) 879,211,469
    F/GO ID (EN) 324,473,088
    GBF ID (JP) 18556178
    FILMS letterboxd (saw).
    GAMES backloggery (sob).
    KHUX ID (EN) 395955
    LL: SIF ID (EN) 330098036
    PSN PROFILE psnprofiles (epilogues).
    STEAM ID steamcommunity (antibiotical).
    TELEVISION SHOWS trakt.tv (watched).


    ALICE ISN'T DEAD (EP 10) it's decent.
    AMERICAN HORROR STORY (04x08) aka the circus season.
    AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA, THE (02x02) gotta' play catch-up.
    BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (01x02) yeah, for sure.
    ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (03x02) actually very frustrating ....
    WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE (EP 96) it's aight, it's lit.


    ACE ATTORNEY: TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS (25%) episode 2: the stolen turnabout.
    SUPER DANGAN RONPA 2 (4%) i'm still not past the intro.


    BATES MOTEL (01x09) note: watch psycho (1960 film) soon.
    BBC: SHERLOCK (03x02) uh.
    BLACKLIST (01x04) nice.
    BREAKING BAD (02x01) marathon sometime soon.
    ELEMENTARY (01x02) pick up later.
    FINAL FANTASY VIII (5%) the part where squall is running errands for quistis or something.
    GRAVITY FALLS (01x08) quirky. i'll pick it back up again someday, maybe.
    HEMLOCK GROVE (01x04) lol.
    HOMESTUCK (???) reread from alpha kids arc.
    LOST (03x23) i don't understand anything ....
    NBC: HANNIBAL (02x01) #savewillgraham. i heard it got shitty later, but??
    ONCE UPON A TIME (01x05) forced romance, ugugugu.
    RED VS. BLUE (S2) i like caboose.
    RESONANCE OF FATE (10%) stares off into the distance.
    SUPERNATURAL (09x06) deadeyes at all the retconning.
    TEEN WOLF (02x01) stiles? stiles.
    WORLD ENDS WITH YOU, THE (75%) replaying: week 3, day 2. i lost my save data, so it's indefinitely paused for now.
    100, THE (01x04) e hhh hhhh hh h.


    > ace attorney series (apollo justice, investigations: miles edgeworth 1 & 2, dual destinies, professor layton vs. phoenix wright).
    bioshock (1, 2, infinite).
    dead space.
    devil may cry.
    final fantasy (ix, xii).
    > hotel dusk: room 215.
    last of us, the.
    > mad men.
    monogatari series (novels, kizu, hana).
    persona series.
    > todd allison & the petunia violet.
    wadanohara and the great blue sea.
    > wolf among us, the.
    yume nikki.